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"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you're doing the impossible."



Chris Kurtz

·      Owner @ CK Performance

·      Founder, Philadelphia Raiders Baseball

In 2005 - 06, while pitching at Temple University, I suffered a severe shoulder injury along with five other teammates.  The fact that six pitchers on the same staff were experiencing similar injuries motivated me to not only learn why this was happening, but to provide solution to the problem.

The idea of CK Performance, (elite baseball player development training), was born out of this personally traumatic, & in many ways, illuminating experience.  After college in 2007, I began my career as a personal strength & conditioning trainer working with all demographics.

Throughout the years 2007 - 2010, while training the “general population”, I studied with every spare moment, to learn all that I could about sports-science & baseball player-specific training methods & modalities.  It was also at this time that I began my move away from training the general population, to training baseball athletes exclusively.

I coached spring baseball for both Council Rock North, & Hatboro Horsham High Schools, & summer ball for the  “Philly Bandits”  College Bound Program, while instructing private pitching lessons.  In 2010, I made the commitment to train baseball and softball athletes on a full-time basis.

In April of 2012, my vision of operating my own baseball player development center was realized when I opened the doors to CK Performance.  Since 2012, CK Performance has grown each year as a dedicated specialty facility for baseball and softball players.

Jim Davidson


·      Co-Owner at CK Performance

·      Director of Pitcher Development at The Gas Station

·      Philadelphia Raiders Baseball.

My experience as it relates to pitching is varied & has prepared me for the rigors of pioneering innovative methodologies for teaching the discipline of pitching

Personal Training Disciplines:

·      martial arts

·      music

·      automotive race car chassis design, fabrication, & performance application

My interest is in:

·      motion & movement

·      systems & component function & interrelationships (relative)

·      force generation & application

·      performance execution

Not having any interest in baseball until 2008, I came to the sport with no bias, as I had no particular interest or knowledge of the game in general, or of pitching in particular.  When exposed to the state of youth baseball through the involvement of my son in the game, I quickly observed & realized that there was a woeful lack of understanding on the part of coaches & instructors in regard to basic tenants in motion & movement, not to mention the concepts & elements of both being a pitcher & the art & science of pitching.

Not only did I find this curious, I believed it to be inexcusable as the young impressionable players were depending on the adults to provide a somewhat reasonable degree of expertise based in elementary concepts of movement, force production, & application.  In this void, I found a personal challenge:  I began a research, study, & learning quest that drives me daily to know more of what I identify as being the mysteries & truths of both the art & science of pitching.


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